A personal chef isn’t just for the ultra-wealthy. Everyday more and more families are seeing multiple benefits of having a professional chef prepare their meals right out of their own kitchen. Chef Noon Culinary Services also makes it affordable.

Initial Set up

Fill out the intake form under "Let's Talk" below, or in the top navigation, to tell us your preferences.  We will contact you to set up a date and time for service, a menu for review and a link to pay a small deposit to reserve your first appointment. 

Meal Planning and Preparation

The Chef will prepare weekly meals in your home on the day and time you designate.  Our services also include grocery shopping for all ingredients, packaging and storage of all meals, and clean up afterwards.  You'll come home to a clean kitchen full of prepared food using fresh ingredients!

Enjoy your meals

Use the heating instructions provided to enjoy your meals throughout the week.  Our packaging includes disposable cookware to minimize clean up after every meal.

Simple Pricing and easy to set up

Our services are set up for a professional Chef to come to your home and prepare up to the next 5 days worth of meals, or the amount of meals indicated on your intake form. As our services are based around hiring a professional Chef to plan the menu, shop, prepare, cook, package and store your meals, and clean up, our service costs are based on the amount of time used each week.  The hourly rate for meal planning, grocery shopping and clean up is $25. The hourly rate for meal preparation is $55.  We bring the grocery store receipt back to you and you reimburse us for the exact cost of the food (no markup).  There is a $5-10 charge for packaging for each weekly preparation.  Most families who eat out during the week typically spend about the same amount as our services.  And, our services always save you time!

1-3 dinners per week:

$170 plus the cost of groceries estimated around $75 depending on the menu.

4-5 dinners per week:

$232 plus the cost of groceries estimated around $110 depending on the menu.

We would love to add your to our family of satisfied clients!  Let's Talk today!


If you need breakfast and/or lunch preparation too, please fill out the Request a Quote form below and we will be in touch.  That's easy!