"A personal chef isn't just for the ultra-wealthy. Everyday more and more families are seeing multiple benefits of having a professional chef prepare their meals. Chef Noon Culinary Services also makes it affordable."

Chef Noon Culinary Services

Initial Set up

Click to "Request a Quote" below, or in the top navigation, to tell us your preferences.  We will contact you to send you an estimate for services. From there we will set up a date and time for service, send you a menu for review and a link to pay a small deposit to reserve your first cook date appointment. 

Meal Planning and Preparation

The Chef will prepare weekly meals on the agreed upon day and time each week.  Our services also include menu planning, grocery shopping for all ingredients, packaging and labeling of all meals.  You'll have prepared meals using fresh ingredients made to your exact preferences!

Delicious meal prep by my personal chef!

Enjoy your meals

Use the heating instructions provided to enjoy your meals throughout the week.  Our packaging includes disposable cookware to minimize clean up after every meal. You can choose family style packaging or individual packaging.

Personal Chef services all done! Individual packaging, labeled and stored. Awesome!

Simple Pricing and easy to set up

Most families who eat out during the week typically spend about the same amount as our services.  And, our services always save you time!  Request a free quote today!  Your busy week nights are about to be so much easier!


We would love to add your to our family of satisfied clients!  Request a quote today!

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