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Researchers link regular family meals to benefits including:

Healthier eating habits.
Lower risk of drug abuse.
Less risk of teen pregnancy.
Lower rates of depression and anxiety.
Stronger resilience and self-esteem.
Higher grade-point averages and better vocabularies.

If that isn't enough of a reason to do what we do then we don't know what is! #Family #FamilyFirst #PersonalChef #PrivateChef

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Valley families benefitting from hiring a Personal Chef

Valley families benefitting from hiring a Personal Chef



Chandler, AZ, February 27, 2017 — Personal chefs aren’t just for the ultra rich! Having a personal chef is definitely a luxury, but it can also be affordable! Most families struggle to come up with an optimal solution for dinner during the week, resorting to take-out or the drive-thru. At best, Mom or Dad struggles in the kitchen to make a meal, which takes up a lot of time and energy. More and more families are hiring a personal chef to take care of multiple meals throughout the week and are reaping numerous benefits.


Benefit #1:

Saves time and it’s convenient

A personal chef will plan your meals for you, do the grocery shopping and cook and package the meals. Then he or she cleans it all up! You get to enjoy delicious food throughout the week with no cooking or cleanup!


Benefit #2:

Meal variety

With a personal chef, meal options are virtually limitless! A weekly menu will be created based on your unique diet/food preferences. You can try new foods and/or upgrade your favorites!


Benefit #3:

Staying on track with diet goals

Knowing you have fresh food prepared and waiting for you and all ready to heat up, you’ll be more likely to stay on track with your diet goals. Plus, eating delicious gourmet, healthy food hardly feels like a diet.


Chef Noon, a Personal Chef from Chef Noon Culinary Services, says most of his clients have special diet considerations like dairy free, organic, gluten free, low carb, paleo, etc., that he’s able to accommodate. Chef Noon also shared, “Having a personal chef prepare the food each week offers a solution for busy families, so they don’t have to waste time preparing and cooking food, cleaning up, and/or grabbing takeout or going through the drive-thru.” Another family Chef Noon cooks for boasted over 20 pounds lost each between the two adults in just a month and a half of hiring Chef Noon!  “We find most of our clients are looking to save time, so having some health benefits like losing weight is the icing on the cake!”


Co-owner, Jenny Colon (who is also Chef’s wife), added, “We created this business specifically with busy families in mind. We know what a challenge weekly dinnertime can be and how parents are becoming more aware that ‘food is fuel for the body.’ Drive-thrus and restaurants aren’t the preferred solution for regular weekly mealtimes. We love being able to serve Valley families in this way.”


As for affordability, having a personal chef can fit many families’ budgets. According to the USDA, a typical American family of four spends about $1,044 a month on groceries and about $854 a month on eating out, which accounts for a weekly food budget of $475. Having a personal chef can be comparable if you’re eating out multiple times a week.  The average cost for a family of four eating five to six dinners a week made by a personal chef is around $250 plus the cost of groceries.



About Chef Noon Culinary Services

Chef Noon is a Le Cordon Bleu culinary graduate with Honors, and he and his wife, Jenny, own and operate Chef Noon Culinary Services in Chandler, AZ. Chef Noon provides in-home meal preparation giving Valley families access to a personal chef to save precious time while still enjoying delicious home-cooked meals. You can find more information and request a quote on